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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Here I am, staring at my wide white wall again. Then suddenly, a pencil is picked up and words are started to be woven, ennui-inspired. Below is the creative (how I wish!) result, a haiku.

Sits all day to read.
Staring at all these words.
Something I enjoy.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010


"Questions, especially if they are the right questions, have great power. A right question asked at the right time can change the direction of our lives."

I may never be adept at asking the right questions at the right time given the you-don't-get-it reply I sometimes get, but the above quote I have taken from a newspaper column seemed to me as somewhat of a pitch for making this particular blog entry — a raft of questions —, just in time for something to fill up my recently empty what's-my-next-topic forethought.

Don't get me wrong, but I never set out to sound like whining or whatsoever. Just wanted to raise these questions (some are too important and perhaps even stock market-moving, others could just go unanswered anyway) here albeit I don't really want to look for the answers now, though hoping at least one could be "answered" soon and then "change the direction of my life" into that course that would sit well with me.

1. What do I really want to do with my life? (Aha! this seems to be atop the list of frequently asked questions of all time! Now I wonder if that was the right question to ask.)
2. Do I really need to take a 'step forward' or a 'step backward' to see things clearly? (sidewards maybe?)
3. What does it feel like to have a tattoo? (Oh the right question must be: "Did it hurt when Lucky Rich and Tom Leppard got theirs?")
4. Why does he treat me this way? (I thought we're at least friends... NEXT QUESTION PLEASE!)
5. What does it mean when you ask someone how is s/he and s/he just answers "just fine," somehow ending the conversation that soon? (no comment. haha)
6. When will I have the courage to defend myself when some friends sometimes amuse themselves at my expense? (To answer this, first I must ask myself, "Do they really amuse themselves by laughing at their own jokes somehow directed at me?" or "Are they just trying to make me laugh?" Now I think it's the latter. For now I've realized that they do such when I seem to be in deep thought and so serious.)
7. What really makes me stay with my job right now? (I feel so confused about this. Can't even think of what to say here actually.)
8. What is the true look of a dandelion? (A friend and I have been bothered by this question for quite a while. The Net is not much of a help either.)
9. Where would I "go" when I finally push up the daisies? (I want to believe in heaven. I hope I would go up there when it's time. *pray*)

My plan had been to list 20 questions, but they seemed to peter out as I enumerated them one by one. I even prodded my seemingly jaded brain to come up with just one more to make it a list of 10, but apparently it did not fare well. Oh my, I don't even have questions to ask! How on earth would I have the right ones?! Yeah, I know I will never have "great power!"