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Sunday, November 25, 2012


Got this off a book I stumbled on in a bookstore the other day. Yeah, hooray for books with no plastic cover that always pick my curiousity! I did not take note of the book's title, but I'm quite sure the author's a Filipino. Just thought of sharing it here.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


This is Minky a few days before we bid him goodbye, guiltily so, I must say. Starting from keeping him out of the house as much as possible these past months, we ended up with a bitter decision to “set him free” for good. I bet my sister was glad that she took these photos – our three-year-old Minky’s ultimate mementos. Well, I won’t say I wasn't glad either.

I still miss having him around. In fact, I dreamed of him finding his way back home last night. My sister says she had the same dream, too. And though my brother doesn’t say anything – except for saying “bye bye, Minky!” before leaving the house for work like what he used to –, I know he misses his only “bro” as well.
I just hope Minky’s okay wherever he is. And that he knows I’m sorry for what I did.sorry