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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


It's always nice to know that one's "simple gesture," like donating a humble amount of P40 in exchange for a Christmas postcard, is recognized when millions of pesos are eventually accrued from pooled "simple gestures" that singularly aim to help those in need, feed public schoolchildren in Mindanao, that is.

Case in point: The World Food Program's (WFP) Emergency School Feeding advocacy has so far provided school meals to nearly 80,000 grade schoolchildren in 300 schools in Central Mindanao. Yum Brands, through its World Hunger Relief campaign, has been supporting this WFP's program since 2007. Globally, the company has already contributed WFP around $60 million through its fund-raising efforts.

Here in the Philippines, Yum Brands' Pizza Hut and Taco Bell restaurants were able to collect an upwards of P4.5 million from customers who either bought postcards worth P40 (so this group includes me) each or dropped their donations on WFP collection boxes on store counters during the two-month run of the World Hunger Relief project.

Quoting Pizza Hut, Inc. COO Lars Peterson, he said in a recent press release that "WFP is supporting the process of bringing children back to school after a long period of displacement due to conflict. By ensuring that nutritious hot meals are made available in schools, these children are able to complete their basic education. The Pizza Hut family is happy to do what we can to help."

In the same statement, Stephen Anderson, WFP Philippines country director and representative, for his part thanked Pizza Hut and Taco Bell "for their strong and consistent partnership and commitment that has greatly sustained WFP efforts in providing school meals to vulnerable children in Central Mindanao. This program enables them to complete their basic education, which is one of the first steps in overcoming poverty and hunger."

And as for me I will just say that "I'm grateful for the opportunity to help children this so-called 'simple gesture' has afforded me. It really feels good to help. I hope others would also do the same."approve

This postcard is autographed by Pizza Hut's celebrity endorser
and World Hunger Relief volunteer Diether Ocampo.
Monday, April 25, 2011


Below is a conversation between two officemates induced by this Reuters photo:

Officemate 1: Tingnan mo 'to. (chuckles while pointing to the photo)
Officemate 2: (Laughs) Dapat kasi ang nilagay nila diyan 'May bayad ang pagligo sa Manila Bay.'

Officemate 1: Pwede pwede. Eh kung 'Bawal ang tumawid dito. Nakamamatay.' (Laughs)
Officemate 2: Nga naman, wala naman kasi talagang tatawid dun. (Laughs) Ano kaya kung 'Bawal ang maligo sa Manila Bay. May tae. (Cackles)

Officemate 1: 'Bawal ang maligo sa Manila Bay. May tubol. (Howls with laughter)
Officemate 2: (Laughs out loud)

Ha ha. I bet no one would ever dare swim in Manila Bay again if the local government opts to put that sign instead.jump crazy
Sunday, April 24, 2011

HAIKU NO. 5 & 6

The sun won't come down,
but it just did yesterday.
Today. Tomorrow.

Sitting here with you
Feeling things I never felt
Wishing it won't end
Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Minions are those yellow capsule-shaped characters in the supervillain movie Despicable Me. I bet they will headline a spin-off movie in the future in that they're ubercute and cuddly. Who wouldn't like that?!!! I guess everyone loves them, too. in love Just look at them.

(Snapshots from the movie)