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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Until recently, my cup of coffee was just fine. I did not care if it were wanting in good enough amount of coffee or creamer, much less too sweet, yet knew that no one would want to have the drink but me. Well, I think my sister just nailed it down when she said that making a cup of coffee definitely sits at the top of my things-I-always-flub list.

I'm aware that it is not just my coffee-making ability that gives me loss of face (of course we're talking about the trivial ones here). There are a slew of such things that I've been striving to put an end to; I've fared well with some (fingers crossed), but seems to default on living without the others. It's not that they are actually a burden though, but I guess I'd be better off if I could just improve on them a little bit.

There's something in psychology that says that the first step to set right the things you badly do is by talking about them. But honestly, thinking about it now, there's a pricking of uncertainty in me that tells I might be wrong Photobucket; perhaps it's the other way around. Nonetheless, I'm still setting out to have this particular entry tackle my "shame list of 5," in a bid to, even if I might in fact be wrong, have this as my "first step." (Note: The coffee-making fluff counts as number one.)

2. I have always had a hard time with knots, i.e., tying and untying knots.
Making at least a passable knot is quite a chore for me, and undoing one takes me a minute or three; still and all, to me my work has always paled in comparison to a grade schooler's output. oh no!

3. I have two left feet when it comes to dancing. But I love D-A-N-C-I-N-G. Really! I just hope that I look funny when I dance and don't turn into an eyesore. Ha ha. dance

4. As a height-gifted person, I usually bump my head, elbows, knees, and feet on things at home and sometimes even outdoors. And I always blame myself for not minding that I'm tall and have long limbs. (Hey, I'm not bragging!Photobucket). Yeah, I sometimes am a stumblebum.

5. Ask me to act or emote and I will surely botch that up. That's why I am all praises for those who are good at it. up

Still need to add some more to this list, eh?


With the firm belief that I already have copied all of them, here's the Part 3 of this blog's The Hunt for a Poem series. As to "that other" poem "with the same effect on me" like the one I have cited in here, well I guess there's actually none. I did peg away at looking for one, and though they're all exceptional poems, I have never stumbled upon at least one that is quite as memorable as that "poem with unidentified title and writer." All the same, here go the others.

border train


Shirimiri by Gabriel Celaya
Ulan nang ulan. Walang nangyayari.
Ibig sabihin, nangyayari ang wala.
Ang sarap ng ulan, talaga, ang sarap magpahinga.

Panuntunan ng laro para sa mga lalaking iibig sa mga babaeng-babae by Gioconda Belli
Ang lalaking iibig sa aki'y
dapat marunong humaplos sa kurtina ng balat,
makita ang pangkaraniwan kong mata
at makilala yaong namumugad sa akin,
ang transparenteng maya ng paglalambing.

Ang lalaking iibig sa aki'y
di ako iibigin bilang isang kalakal
o kaya'y ipagyayabang na parang isang tropeo,
mananatili sa 'king piling,
taglay ang pag-ibig kong
nadarama kapag siya'y kapiling.

De mi jardin by Jose Palma
Humingi ka ng mga sampaguita… di kita bibigyan
dahil nang puputulin ko na sa mga sanga'y
nanginig ang aking kamay at ang dibdib ko'y nanikip
dahil sa awa.

Ayokong magdusa ang mga bulaklak na iyan,
gaya ng pagdurusa ng puso kong malayo sa iyo;
ayokong sa sandaling hawakan ng aking kamay,
iya'y malanta at mamatay.

SeƱorita Provinciana ni Jesus Balmori
Ang binabasa mo'y Abelardo at Eloisa
Paboritong pabango'y sa ashar gawa
at balot ng kislat ng madayang kababalaghan;

Sa simbahan, habang nakikinig ng misa
imbes na ang diyos sa altar ang nakikita
katabing nobyong nakaluhod ang siyang minamasdan.