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Saturday, August 06, 2011


Been hooked on watching old episodes of Detective Conan anime series lately. This is when Kudo Shinichi aka Edogawa Conan turned into his grade schooler's self when men in black connected to a large illegal organization forced him to take a pill.

I have already seen some of the episodes as the series had been aired on a local free-to-air channel. And rather than spoiling the fun by being able to immediately identify who the real culprit is in those episodes, watching them all over again makes it all the more entertaining actually; it is easier to keep up with Conan's deductions and fully understand the tricks made by the true perpetrator of the crime being investigated. Anyway I watch it to enjoy and not to take away from Conan his job, ha ha.

Some are new to me though. There's this Detective Boys Survival Case episode which I really liked. Save for the two annoying greedy treasure hunters, there's not much trouble and no murders at that. The whole story revolves around Conan and the Detective Boys as they go through challenge after challenge in search for the "treasure."

This "treasure" as Conan later finds out is not the (stolen) jewels but the experiences he and his friends had along the way. Amusingly and surprisingly, Conan realizes that the treasure map is made by his father himself.

So, that is like to say "It's all about the journey (with friends and loved ones), not the destination." Now I'm thinking... so am I that rich? Nah, I still want to be "richer."Photobucket