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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

THE HUNT FOR A POEM (revisited)

It is surprising to know that this blog's The Hunt for a Poem (supposedly a "series"), written a little over a year ago, gets the most number of hits (read: the counter on the right says so). Curious, I ran through the said entries and realized that I have had not "completed" the task. For that, I felt kind of sad and dissatisfied with my output for I know that most of these hits were scholastically related. "Did they find what they've been looking for? Was I able to help them with their 'assignment'?" I asked myself. Pfui to my so-called "ningas-kugon" attitude, you know that kind of I-really-am-setting-out-to-put-all-my-enthusiasm-into-this-at-first-but-loses-it-in-the-end-anyway approach of my ilk (pardon the excessive use of hyphen Photobucket). But most of all, I'm saddened by the implication of this on my working attitude: that I have the predilection for abandoning what I have started and for being swayed by "distractions."

Yet, the goals still stand: I need to look for "that poem" and record the ones on display in the commuter trains; even if not all, at least a little more than I already have here. So, be set for Part 3. ^_^