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Thursday, May 19, 2011


I'll tell you what, I guess, I was really wrong posting on my Facebook wall that "life indeed is full of surprises, but never when you need one." As sour as that status was, it prompted one thing that I suppose holds true: The way we perceive something as surprising greatly depends on where we look at it from; what's surprising for you may not be for me, and vice versa. Which reminds me, aren't you surprised that DMC, a French brand of embroidery threads, can allow anyone to have an Amorsolo? No, not the real paintings, just the cross-stitch patterns.

The brand's only local distributor, Focus Global, Inc., partners with the Fernando C. Amorsolo Art Foundation for this project, which has turned eight Amorsolo paintings "that reflect Filipino culture at its best" into patterns: Planting Rice, Cooking the Noonday Meal, Winnowing Rice, Sunset: Return of the Fisherman, Girl with a Banga, Tinikling Dance, Lavandera, and Girl with Mangoes. (For further information, better check this out!)

This may seem like a free brand advertisement to you (and if it does, I'd be, in fact, glad), but for me this comes as something of a surprise, and pleasantly so. Not so long ago, in an entry here, I was just wishing to have one of the Master's works, but needless to say, how could I? Notwithstanding having only the chance to own its cross-stitch version, I now assume that having the real one is just within my grasp. But first things first: I gotta start that needlework now. Let me, fingers crossed, surprise you with my output, then.


kerwinlawrence says:
at: 6:44 AM, May 26, 2011 said...

nice. wanna exchange links??

ybeth r. says:
at: 8:29 AM, May 30, 2011 said...

sure! thanks for visiting my blog! :)

joja says:
at: 9:31 AM, May 30, 2011 said...

Wish you luck with your stitched version of Amorsolo's painting. :D

ybeth r. says:
at: 8:10 AM, May 31, 2011 said...

woah! fighting! lol