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Thursday, November 17, 2011


First off, just so you know, Atashin Chi is an anime that tells about the day-to-day experiences of the Tachibana family, comprised of Mrs. Tachibana, Mr. Tachibana, Mikan, and Yuzuhiko. It had been shown on a local free-to-air TV channel sometime in 2008, if I remember it right, but after a handful of episodes, was pulled out from the early morning show lineup for some reason. I liked it simply because it was funny, I mean really funny. Back then, my mom would always find me vegging out in front of the TV during weekdays, having hearty laughs, and I upon seeing her would go, "Ma, kayo 'yun oh, si Mrs. Tachibana!" And she would say, "Sabi ko na nga ba. Kaya ka maagang gumising, panonoorin mo na naman yang si Atashin Chi Atashin Chi."Photobucket

For me, Mrs. Tachibana was like "the star of the show." She merrily sings "ang bango bango ng mga rosas" while multitasking household chores, but always finds herself doing them clumsily. I can't pinpoint why, but she really reminds me of my mom, but that's aside from the fact that they are both on the plump side, ha ha. Nah, it just makes Mrs. Tachibana all the more likable and endearing in my eyes.yes

I absolutely miss watching this animated sitcom. YouTube, though, doesn't help for nary an episode can be viewed there. I have also tried visiting one or two anime websites, but how the heck could I understand it without the English subtitles?! I'm just putting my hopes up that a local TV network would have "tagalized" Atashin Chi episodes (new episodes would be great!) shown here again.yay!


at: 10:11 AM, October 03, 2015 said...

Could you please tell me Where can I get ATASHINCHI eng SUB episode At least