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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Today, I stumbled across "99 Tiny Stories To Make You Think, Smile and Cry," a collection of simple yet heart-warming true stories submitted by the site's readers that would indeed make you think, smile and cry.

The stories, for me, are nothing short of inspirational, with some I can somehow relate to. And so, as my way of participating in this cause of spreading positive vibes, I'm sharing these two tiny real-life stories of mine.

Today, it has been exactly two weeks since our cat Minky returned home after leaving the house and staying someplace we knew nothing about, for seven days. We are used to this habit of him in that he always comes home just a few hours after staying outside. This is what we believed in three weeks ago today when he pushed the windows open and went wandering around the neighborhood. But the following morning he didn't come back and we didn't see him, and so on the second until the sixth day. Although we didn't push through with printing posters, there was never a day that we didn't discuss about him being lost. We thought it was more likely that he was dead, crushed by a big truck on his way home. It was also because we knew that he could not fend for himself, look for food in trash bins like what cats do. We were really sad. I was really sad that on the seventh day I became hopeless about seeing him again and sobbed. Later that evening, my sister heard Minky meowing right outside our window, beaten down and covered with what we assumed was grime. He spent the following minutes making up for what he had not eaten for a week, with us adoringly watching him.

Today, I remember the kindness shown to me by a stranger -- a girl about my age -- when I was five. My mom once brought me and my younger siblings to a carnival when we were young, during which I spent most of my time riding a coin-operated kiddie ride. After using up my last one peso coin, I just sat there and watched the other kids enjoying themselves. I looked farther ahead and saw a young girl looking at me. She approached me and asked why my ride wasn't moving. I just looked at her, bewildered by her curiosity. She then inserted a coin in the ride I was sitting on and immediately ran back to where she came from afterwards, leaving me all the more confused. I don't know why, but this childhood memory of mine is so vivid that I can even tell the young girl's hair was black and short and she was wearing a white dress.

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