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Monday, June 18, 2012


After months of waiting with bated breath and exasperation, Pottermore has finally opened its magic-laden doors for everyone and let me in, along with probably millions more who wish to see their name listed as “magical” next to The Boy Who Lived, and partake in his extraordinary journey.Photobucket

But because life happened to me just as the public registration on Pottermore was officially unlocked in April, I was only able to sign up less than a month later. I’ve got to say thanks to my cousin for the reminder though, to think that I was the one who told her about the website. Ha ha.

Choosing my username was quite hard. You see, I wasn’t that lucky to be provided with good choices. Eventually, I just settled with what I thought sounded less corny -- QueenMirror9477 (add me up?hi).

And so there I was, all giddy to explore more of Harry Potter’s world.

Honestly speaking, the experience was overwhelming at first, rendering me slight confusion as to how I should interact with the "Moments" on the computer screen. There were times that I was like "That was it?!" because I had only collected one object. Turned out the key was to repeatedly zoom in and out so as to make "the collectibles" appear before your eyes.forgetful

So far, the most significant Pottermore event for me was when I finally met the Sorting Hat, and "officially" ascertained for myself that I indeed belong to where I have always placed myself in: the Ravenclaw House.yay!

For the time being, Pottermore users are limited to exploring the Philosopher's Stone and following its story. As for me, here I am waiting again -- with bated breath and exasperation -- for the Chamber of Secrets to be unlocked. And while doing that, I'd probably just strive harder to add more to the 39 points I currently have. Ha ha.