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Friday, June 08, 2012


While fate has been confining me in this lovelorn state, I do find it a genuinely happy thing to see people in love, may it be in person or on TV. I look at their faces and see them glow with inexplicable happiness. I listen to them utter words of promises to their special someone and I can sense the sincerity in them. I've always believed that such kind of love is bound to last. They must be really lucky to have found each other, I think to myself, only to find out later that the glow between them has petered out and the promises of forever are broken. Now I wonder, where has all of that lovely feeling gone?

Well, whether we like it or not, finding "the one" requires trial and error (though the romantic side of me insists on only one try and no errorPhotobucket). Yes, it is saddening to hear of breakups, but it is oftentimes needed that men and women encounter a number of tries before finally finding that someone meant for them, or in the language of sentimentals, their "soul mate."

A soul mate, as the ever-reliable Wikipedia says, in current usage refers to "a romantic partner, with the implication of an exclusive life-long bond." Personally speaking, I don't believe that the word should always be attributed as such. Well, your best bud can be your soul mate, so is your mother or your sister, or anyone with whom you have a deep bond. So, in that sense, I think all of us have a soul mate, maybe even more than one.Photobucket

Nevertheless, I can't help but be interested when my brother told me about this YouTube video explaining the Chinese philosophy on why wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger.

Cool, eh?Photobucket

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joja says:
at: 9:26 AM, June 09, 2012 said...

Sa wakas nagkaroon na rin ng comment box! Why was your comment box gone when you reformatted your page?

Anyway... I think we're the same, regarding the one shot without error thing, but I think it's not realistic. haha.. Maybe we are just the hopeless romantic type.

Well, with every scar and hurt we learn, so I guess trial and error has it's own lesson, though it will be at your own expense.

But I think the important thing to remember is that, when you go into a relationship you should be whole, and if you have to get out of it, you also have to still be whole. :P

I'm Ybeth R. says:
at: 11:12 AM, June 09, 2012 said...

Haha! You have to click the title, meaning hindi yung mismong blog ang i-vi-view mo, para lumitaw ang comment box. This is one thing that I like sa template na 'to. Kunwari di allowed ang pag-comment,hihi...

Now I'm thinking, we have to put to the test na ang mga prinsipyo na yan nang magkaalaman na. (asar, ayaw gumana ng mga emoticon q...:D)