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Wednesday, February 09, 2011


This is not entirely an original idea, mind you, to come up with a Plants vs. Zombies-inspired blog entry. There's this one blogger I follow whose entry eons ago entitled "Plans vs. Worries" really amused and impressed me (now three cheers for Duking!). Though I was in kind of why-didn't-I-think-of-that? moment then, I just resolved to one day have my own "tribute" to the ever-present and ever-reliable "form of respite" (besides Facebook, of course) among the daily grinders.

If you pool yourself with those who have finished the game, have reached the end of level 5 I mean, you as likely as not know that Sunflower the Belter (aka Laura Shigihara) in that last part renders the game's LSS-inducing theme song "Zombies on Your Lawn" in between the credits (you can also go to Options then click Credits to see this music video). Below are my tweaked lyrics of the song, which took its cue from "Plans vs. Worries."


One, two, three!

There's a worry on your mind
There's a worry on your mind
There's a worry on your mind
We don't want worries on our minds

I know you have a lot of things to do
You want them to work as you've planned them to
You act on your priorities one after another

You think you're alone and you can't
but you've got power to conspire with the universe
You like reaching for the stars
so we don't like worries

You can't do that you're weak (you're weak)
How dare you think you can (you can't)
Now go on with your dreams (nah don't)
Don't be afraid!

Maybe it's time to go ahead
pursue your dreams just like what I said
Life's so short don't ever waste your time

You're okay and you always matter
much better if you aim higher
in your hands lies what makes you happier

You really can't you'll lose (loser!)
Think of it, give up now (failure!)
It all starts with baby steps (it's okay)
Don't be afraid!

And I do hope it does justice to where it's supposed to.Photobucket

Here's Plants vs. Zombies' music video: