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Saturday, February 26, 2011


Let's see. It's already past 1 a.m. now and I'm still up, trying this stuff for the first time: writing on a whim, with no exact topics to discuss and just letting my fingers type the words my brain comes up with. Think. Think. Think. Coraline. Just watched that animated feature two hours ago with my mom and two siblings for the first time. Shame on me, I almost missed half of my dear life. The film's fun to watch, let alone that I've seen it with my mom whose ever-present comments like "What happened?!" never fail to make me laugh. For me, the film teaches us to appreciate whatever and, most importantly, whoever we have in our lives; people are innately imperfect, but if we love them they eventually become perfect.

I always say that I'm partial to seeing animated flicks for the reason that they are reminiscent of my younger self (I'm sure the same goes to a lot of people; who among the grown-ups doesn't like to be or feel young again?) and so I believe I can learn more from them than from other types of movies. Being visually-entertaining with the colors and most of the time with the cute characters, they hold my interest from soup to nuts. This is why I think I am able to absorb the message they are trying to impart to me as a member of the audience. Take for instance the Academy Award-winner Up, which says it is never too late when it comes to fulfilling one's dreams; Despicable Me, about that innate longing in each one of us to be recognized and loved; my all-time fave Toy Story, that you can always count on true friends; also an Academy Award-winning film Finding Nemo, which tells the value of family; and Monsters, Inc., which reminds us that things are not always what they seem. I know there are a lot of excellent animated features out there that I haven't seen yet, so I guess we need a little catching up on that.

Tap. Tap. Tap. What's next to discuss? Oh, I just remembered, I made a mental note to at least write about the latest "awesome" blog I've discovered on the Web. And when I say "awesome," it really means awesome, for the blog is about awesome little things that make us happy in their own little way. It's, which is featured in Reader's Digest's January 2011 issue. You better check it out! The entries are fun to read, and one thing that I also find "awesome" about them is that they always end with the word "AWESOME." Isn't that awesome?!! ha ha. It's nice to know that even though we're all different in so many ways, the things that make us smile and realize that life actually has so many GOOD THINGS to offer are just the same. Happiness is a universal language indeed. And as for me, what I consider awesome at this very moment is that I'm close to ending this rather long entry for such a fancy topic. Awesome! :)

Oh rats, this is how my brain works at 1 a.m.?!!