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Saturday, October 08, 2011


Just like hollering "Eureka! Eureka! (I've found it! I've found it)" ha ha. Thanks to our balikbayan neighbor for generously giving us some mini Nutellas as "pasalubong," I finally know now what Nutella is. Please don't diss me; I know I may seem ignorant here. Truth be told, I actually thought of it as something of a "sosyal" brand (you know, only the well-heeled have access to it) as I would often read about it being used as an ingredient in making delicious-looking pastry products on blogs or just being drooled over by a friend on Facebook. I did not bother to make a Google search though. I should have been long enlightened that it is not a chocolate spread (though it really looks and tastes like one) in that, as Wiki says, it does not meet the required amount of cocoa to be tagged as one. Well, whatever! Chocolate spread or hazelnut spread, a spoonful of Nutella won't definitely miss bringing one to bliss. Mmmm...yum yum!yumyum