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Monday, October 24, 2011


I was kind of on the prowl for inspirational stuff on the Web yesterday when I stumbled upon these decidedly creative works of art on YouTube. The first is Gulp, a stop-motion short film "depicting a fisherman going about his daily catch." Created by Sumo Science at Aardman, this short was entirely shot using a Nokia N8. It also prides itself as having "the world's largest stop-motion animation set, with the largest scene stretching over 11,000 square feet."

It did not surprise me that the video has so far garnered more than one million hits, but I believe it greatly deserves more than that. Kudos to everyone at Sumo Science for painstakingly producing such amazing work!approve

And speaking of "amazing," I'm absolutely confident that you too -- therefore chiming with its over two million viewers on YouTube -- will see it evident in Dot, also by Sumo Science. If Gulp has "the largest," then Dot has "the smallest stop-motion animation character." It features a 9mm girl named Dot "as she struggles through a microscopic world." And just like Gulp, this film was shot using a Nokia N8 and with the aid of so-called CellScope technology to capture the minuscule details.

Dot amusingly has this video game feel to it. It's like you control Dot as she escapes "the encroaching wave of destruction," leading her through the path made up of tiny objects such as buttons, coins, pens, pins, nuts and bolts, and finally making her take on what is going after her by turning it into a cozy blanket.

And so I must say that Gulp and Dot are truly entertaining. Are they Nokia commercials, you ask? Oh, I totally forgot about that!Photobucket