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Sunday, October 02, 2011


Hello there! You look at them when you say hello there. Oops, just trying to be funny, ha ha beh. Sheesh, what a way to start this entry after a two-week absence! I was not able to blog mainly because too many topics to write about were slugging it out inside my brain, and it was all for naught. I actually have three or four entries to post here but I'm not quite sure when to get round to it; they're still unfinished though. I admit I'm not good at accomplishing some things in one go, and writing is one of them. I tend to be distracted and it is always a no mean feat for me to be able to finish a simple movie review in just a couple of hours. I still have to read more and write more; the former I very much enjoy, but with the latter I sometimes get uninspired. Waah! I hate this feeling! I've made a promise to myself to better my writing but what am I doing?

I also feel bad for being unenthusiastic about certain things lately. I have already called off my plan to "go home" and to make it all the more dramatic, I have also temporarily deactivated my Facebook account to "take my leave of more distractions," CityVille and Sims Social, that is. But thinking about it now, Facebook in itself is a great distraction. Sorry Facebook addicts, that's just my two cents' worth.Photobucket

Okay, I really feel sleepy now. But before I go and before my thoughts get muddled, I'm leaving this important question for effect: Where are you, my muse? You're lost, aren't you? Follow my voice. Follow my voice. Photobucket