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Friday, December 16, 2011


I first learned about this newest Facebook game, WeTopia, from Ellen Degeneres on her show last week. I immediately got interested not only because it is an online game but also because it is more than just an online game. I mean, you can have fun while playing the game but at the same time you do something good in the real world. And so I thought to myself,"Why not translate the 'enthusiasm' I once had for CityVille to this one? I'm sure the fun will be twice over."

But as much as I wanted to get myself into this game that very moment, I opted to put it off. And I think I made the right decision for, according to what I've read online, the WeTopia website crashed after thousands of Ellen's fans (most probably) raided the site. Oh my!Photobucket

I finally tried playing it last night though. I went directly to the website but, of course it is an FB game, so I had to log in to my account. I don't know if it was just because of my internet connection, but it took me forever waiting for the game to load.

Then, I felt my heart skip a beat when the screen finally went--

Just a few seconds into the game (which I forgot to print screen this time), I realized that it highly resembles CityVille (I don't know if they have the same creators though). Just like on CV, your goal here too is to grow your community by building establishments and residences, among many others. In accomplishing this, you will build up joy and from this "joy" you have gleaned, you'll be able to fund programs that help children particularly in Haiti (read: advertisements+FB credits by some players=WeTopia profits/2=monetary donations to nonprofit orgs).

Unfortunately, I did not get to play it that long. It took me four times building just my house as I was repeatedly told to refresh the page. I just settled to give it another try next time.Photobucket

If you happen to be curious about WeTopia, visit the site here.