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Sunday, December 11, 2011


Yes, you read it right! I'm setting out a challenge for myself: post an entry everyday for the next fortnight. Why? It is basically to provide an opportunity for myself to do one thing I think I cannot do -- have a blog EVERYDAY or at least FOR DAYS IN A ROW. I know you may think this one's a no-brainer, but believe me bloggers don't always have something "bloggable" to say (or probably it's just me). Another thing is, daily online presence is quite not easy to chalk up (again, especially in my case).

Now, why two weeks? At first I was thinking of one week but I figured seven days is pretty short for a challenge of this sort. On the other hand, to have it for more than 14 days may be hard to carry out. So, two weeks seems just favorable.

A challenge, of course, is not without its own set of rules. So for this one, I have these:
* Official start is tomorrow and ending is on Christmas Day!Photobucket
* Each entry should be written ON THE SAME DAY it is published.
* Poems, though, need not be composed on the day they are published.
* Blogs previously saved as "drafts" or "scheduled" published within the set two-week duration of this challenge are not to be included in the required 14 entries.

And now that it's all set, what I have to do to make this one a success is to definitely have the right set of mind and make that morsel of enthusiasm I had when I came up with this somewhat ridiculous personal project extend until the 14th day. Hopefully, that teeny-weeny piece of eagerness will grow enormously as the days progress and stay with me even though this challenge is through.yes


joja says:
at: 9:27 AM, December 11, 2011 said...

I know that feeling.
I think it's also the same vice-versa, when you have that tons of ideas, but still can't get it on black and white for some reason...
(my case. So I my project is to empty my to-do blog)

Best of luck to that... I mean best of skills ;)

Looking forward to your new blogs!